What are the Most Dangerous Areas in New York City?

Learn about which are considered as some of New York City's most dangerous neighborhoods such as Hunts Point or Bedford-Stuyvesant and what can be done about it.

What are the Most Dangerous Areas in New York City?

Located in the Bronx, Hunts Point is one of the bad parts of New York because of the prostitution and drug problems that spread through the area. This neighborhood is trying to keep its dangerous past in the past, but that's still a fruitless feat. Mostly because it's one of the most dangerous areas in the Bronx. Rehabilitation centers and patrol officers are too many to try to keep the crime rate at bay.

Some 70,000 people live here and the total crime rate is 1,749 crimes per 100,000 people. The violent crime rate seems to have skyrocketed to 360% more than the national average. In this neighborhood, there are areas such as La Alondra de Santa María and some others where it is recommended not to walk alone at night. However, lately, there has been a big decline in the total number of crimes, with an increase in the number of patrol officers.

East Harlem has violent crime 264% more than the national average. Even so, the security of East Harlem represents more than 23% of the security of other New York cities. This neighborhood in the west Bronx has very few reported arrests, and it's not the most dangerous in New York either, of course. However, with a population of 106,000 people, total crime of 2,539 is high.

It is evident that violent crime in the neighborhood is 178% higher than the national average. While it's a safe neighborhood, these areas, out of a total of 69 neighborhoods, ranked 49th in violent crime and 62nd in property crimes. While crime rates have declined in recent times, in these areas, robberies, robberies and murders have continued to rise. A Manhattan neighborhood of 4,586 people has a risk of crime 27% higher than the national average.

With well-off residents and lots of tourists in this area all the time, the crime rate tends to increase. There has been a 71% decline in overall crime since 1993, although there has been an increase in car thefts. According to FBI statistics, Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Chinatown, Brownsville and East Harlem are the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York. These areas always rank highest per capita in terms of reported violent crimes and robberies, and a crime rate at least 10 to 146% higher than the New York average.

Other areas to avoid include Bedford-Stuyvesant, Fordham and Tremont. Midtown is one of New York's top tourist destinations but it still has its fair share of dangerous neighborhoods such as Bedford-Stuyvesant which is known for its historic brownstone houses and Victorian architecture but also for being one of Brooklyn's most dangerous neighborhoods. Flushing located on Queens borough is also considered one of New York's most dangerous areas due to its high crime rate per capita. So far it is clear that some areas are more dangerous than others when it comes to New York City but what can be done about it? The data was taken from crimes reported by the New York City Police Department and from some of the information in the Crime Safety Report & Analysis.

The increase in patrol officers has helped reduce crime rates but there are still some areas where it is recommended not to walk alone at night or even during day time such as La Alondra de Santa María or Bushwick which has a total of 2,511 reported crimes per capita.

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